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You need a way to filter your visitors

If you wanted just anyone to come on up to your house and check things out, you could just put up a sign and you'd get the job done. Unfortunately, that truth doesn't hold in the opposite direction. No, a sign won't do. If you really want to ensure safety and security at your home, an entry way gate is probably your best bet.


We've been trusted with so many front entrance installations because we have families too. We know why you want the security and we're honored to help provide it for you.

What is a front entrance?

A front entrance is a gate that allows its owner a great deal of security. Made of sturdy metal and fabricated to your specifications, this gate will provide security and peace of mind for years to come.

A front entrance is the perfect way to provide added security at your home and ensure that you get the final say about who enters your property.

Just how strong is it?

  • Solid aluminum corner keys ensure a rigid and sag resistant mainframe.

  • Only 3/4" square aluminum picket is used in the construction of the decorative sections of our doors.

  • All screen doors in our catalog utilize the original and exclusive "thru-lock system.

  • All kick plate is .024 in thickness. This provides greater resistance to dings and dents.

Why do you need one?

You just never know what's going to pop up on your doorstep. With a front entrance fabricated to your needs, you can rest just a little bit easier knowing that you're protected.

Can you really afford to scrimp on security? Don't you want that security to at least look good too?

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